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// 山 Yama : /Jap - Eng  Translation/ Mountain //

// Folk : /fōk/ People in general //

About Us:

// 山 Yama : /Jap - Eng  Translation/ Mountain //

// Folk : /fōk/ People in general //


// 山 Yama : /Jap - Eng  Translation/ Mountain //

// Folk : /fōk/ People in general //

Meet The Team:

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Which quite literally translates to 'mountain people', encompasses our two joys: connecting with wild environments, and connecting with people. When we can share these moments, life is in its simplest and most true form.

We are here to "make stuff" with like minded people; we'll bring the cameras to document the narrative, that's our thing. We're passionate about visual story telling, capturing both the physical and metaphorical 'mountain moments' of life. If you've got a story you'd like told, we'd love to help you tell it. That's pretty much it!

Yama Folk's roots are based in photography and film making. We're always looking for new and cool ways to share stories with you.  As a creative studio, Yama Folk has some exciting, new avenues opening up. More to come, soon.


ABOVE // Hannah Goto, Pemberton BC (PC: Yama Folk Tom Wilson)

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Tom Wilson (he/his)

Hannah Goto (she/her)

// Director // DOP // Editor // Bachelor of Arts (media, communications and culture) // Bachelor of Education (primary) 

// Photographer // Assistant Editor // Bachelor of Arts (Early Childhood Education) // Bachelor of Midwifery //

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