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The name 'Yama Folk', which quite literally translates to 'mountain people', encompasses our two joys: connecting with wild environments, and connecting with real people.

In this way, Yama Folk has naturally evolved through simple enjoyment in capturing and documenting our humble wanderings and everyday explorations. The things we do just for us; because it grounds us and brings a sense of good-old-fashioned fun. We never actually had the intention of starting a business. 


Along the way we've discovered that our favourite flaneur-y disposition has created great opportunities in connecting with our favourite pastimes of mountain biking, surfing and skiing/snowboarding, as well as supporting the 'little guys' (i.e. working with local brands to produce visual content for their websites and social media campaigns). We really enjoy connecting with these big- hearted, small businesses through adventure, and we guess this has unintentionally become a bit of a specialist area for us.

The bottom line is whether you're a full-blown- going-places business or just a like-minded individual, Yama Folk would love to create breath-taking visual content for you. In doing so we want to work with you to EXPLORE//CAPTURE// and CREATE both the physical and metaphorical mountain moments of life. That's pretty much it!

Commercial Clients

Seiko // Monsta Surf Co. // Tallarook Tiny Home // NGage CMS // Yukibancho // Itadaki Tours //

 Get in touch and see you out there!

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© Yama Folk

© Yama Folk