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// 山 Yama : /Jap - Eng  Translation/ Mountain //

// Folk : /fōk/ People in general //

About Us:

// 山 Yama : /Jap - Eng  Translation/ Mountain //

// Folk : /fōk/ People in general //

Meet The Team:


Tom Wilson.

Tom is our guy on the tools. Passionate about bringing out the best visuals to tell the stories at hand.  He has worked with production teams in both Sydney (Australia) and also, now, in Vancouver (Canada) .

Tom's strong passion for the outdoors is well known. From the ocean to the mountains, his love for documenting wild scenes is heavily evident in his work. Tom is in his element when he's out mountain biking, snowboarding and surfing (with camera in hand).

His creative brain doesn't seem to turn off, the next idea is always in the works. As a director, Tom is always looking for people with strong passions for what they do. Documenting these stories is where you'll find an energised Thomas. This heart for storytelling paired with his media/communications degree, also positions Tom well when linking the visuals for brands and their marketing needs.   

// Director // DOP // Editor // Bachelor of Arts (media, communications and culture) // Bachelor of Education (primary) //

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