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Yuki Video LUT Package

Yuki Video LUT Package:


These LUTs have been created with Sony picture profiles in mind. However, they can be used with any camera brand with some fine adjusmtnets. There are 3 LUTs in this package. Included are 3 variations for you to work with.

-Yuki 1
-Yuki 2
-Yuki 3


The LUT pictured in the product thumbnail is 'Yuki 2'. These LUTs will work in any editing software that accepts cube. files in their colour grading workflow.

For best results shoot your raw footage in a flat picture profile. Then apply your LUT onto an adjustment layer for tinkering. We use Premiere Pro to edit- we like to add the LUT via the creative tab in Lumetri. This allows you to adjust the intesity as you please. We usually apply our LUTs at around 80% intensity to start with and then make further adjustments from there.


Our LUTs are a great way to speed up your colour grading process and keep a consistent look throughout your footage. Enjoy.


*Colour grading and editing is subjective art. Fine adjustments may be needed to dial in your desired look.

Yuki Video LUT Package

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