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// 山 Yama : /Jap - Eng  Translation/ Mountain //

// Folk : /fōk/ People in general //

About Us:

// 山 Yama : /Jap - Eng  Translation/ Mountain //

// Folk : /fōk/ People in general //

Meet The Team:


Hannah Goto.

Hannah is the baby catcher within in our team. Yes. correct, baby catcher. She is the coolest full-time midwife in Canada, but thankfully finds time on the side to work with Yama Folk as well.

Hannah's creative instinct is her strength, she always has a unique insight into the challenges that arise when telling stories through visual means. Unlike many creatives, she also has a very systematic way of approaching all situations. A rare find in highly artistic people. The creative brain certainly isn't known for being logical. 

An amazing multitasker, that ensures that things are done and completed as they should be. Her ability to convert creative ideas into tangible products is a god send. She's also quite handy with a camera and has a good eye for the compositions of our frames.

// Photographer // Assistant Editor // Bachelor of Arts (Early Childhood Education) // Bachelor of Midwifery //

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